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 so lately I've been into rolling crazy trick shit, like a diamond joint that splits in the middle and comes back together

I've also made a couple gottis, which is a cigar emptied out and refilled with green. it's a bit more complicated than that in practice, but that's the basic idea.
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Let me tell you, getting a couple friends together, rolling up some personal blunts, and smoking them under the stars is pretty bitchin.

As is Stadium Arcadium.

Current Location: the bench
Current Music: Dani California

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So after smoking 2g tonight, I went to bed early because I have a final tomorrow. Long story short, I had a major life revelation while listening to a GooGooDolls song while trying to fall alseep, during which times my mind roams and I get existential. So I got up and came and wrote it all down, but then I something went wrong and when I hit the backspace key it loaded the previous page and wiped out my description of my perfect life. And I have an amazing love songs playlist on that I haven't listened to in a long time. Lots of songs gathered from my childhood and teenage years that I always loved.

Here's what I can salvage of my perfect life (hopefully this isn't metaphorical):

I want to graduate college with my film degree and move to San Francisco. I've never been to Cali before, and I've lived most of my live on the east coast. I've heard San Francisco is a better place for film than LA, so I want to go there. Then I want to find some suburb with a nearby downtown area and get an apartment. I want to live life as a film guy/hipster, learn to play my guitar better, build upon my artistic abilities on the side (I can paint a bit, I love photoshop and illustrator, and I'm an intermediate jeweler by hobby). I want to make friends with the neighbors and maybe join some online communities and meet some other people in the area, maybe get involved in some community stuff, hang out with a group of friends around my age range, have some inside jokes, nights out, dinner parties, and maybe a romantic interest, especially because I've never yet had a girlfriend. I want to live a good, fulfilling life. That'll all change eventually, of course, but that's what I think I want to do with most of my third decade after college.

I smoked for the last time in a fair while tonight. No smoking over the summer. Have to get in shape.

I have a final tomorrow that may or may not make life for me over the next few months extremely difficult. Then I go home. I just really hope things work out.

Current Mood: pensive pensive
Current Music: John Cale - Hallelujah

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So today was supposed to be my day off. I've spent the last two nights drinking and smoking. Both nights I went to bed at 5 am, and both times I slept until 3 pm. It's annoying, to miss half a day like that. So today was supposed to be my day to just chill and play video games and call my mom (which I still need to do).

Then I find out that someone around here made Majick Brownies. Supposedly each one has a full gram in it, and he's selling them for $25. Since I've never had magically imbued brownies (I made stem tea once, although it was more like watered down half & half, but it gave a pretty good effect anyway). So I'm off to empty even more money out of my bank account so I can have some brownies.

Current Mood: optimistic mmm brownies

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Alright, so I was high when I set the original password, and it's taken me until now to get around to change it, so there's a lot of nights squeezed down into a couple sentences here. So most of it will just get left out.

We added a bong to the family the other night. My roommate was high, listening to Queen, and he suddenly felt like buying a bong. So we went to the head shop and got a nice little mushroom-shaped bong, about 1' tall. That thing wrecks me.

I'm going to a big music festival near me tomorrow. It doesn't really have a name, it's just a music fest. It's gonna be a good time. Then afterwards I'm going to a party. Maybe I'll even run into some hot local ladies.

Also, it's the end of school, and I have to cut back my Flute playing a little bit because there's so much work flying at me. I have over 10 assignments to complete between now and the first half of next week. Lots of shit due Monday.

I've also decided that next year I'm going to start charging to smoke out of the Flute. Guys have to share with me, and girls have to give me a kiss (sharing tree is also recommended, otherwise there better be some tongue in that kiss). Alls it is is a little bit to pay the piper.

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So tonight was fucking awesome. We planned a trip to The Bench to go drinking for a night, rather than smoking. Most of my friends are trying to cut back for a week. So we go clean out the rack of 40s at Stop n Shop and hit up the bench with the girls who weren't being bitchy and staying home. We got out and there weren't many people, so we chilled at the bench and cracked open the 40s. After a while people started showing up, and there was the usual bench pothead chatter.

Suddenly a pair of hit girls sitting on the hill near the bench called over to ask if anyone had a bowl. Since I had mine out, I grabbed it and brought it over. One of the girls was reasonably attractive, the brunette. The other, the blonde, was drop dead gorgeous. They were playing a drinking boardgame with shots of Magic Hat, which in and of itself is pretty cool. After I introduced them to the Majick Flute, they took out some tree and started packing it. We passed it around and talked while they were playing, and I noted that their tree had a good taste to it. It was mellow, but also slightly sweet-ish, which is something I haven't tasted before. The hot blonde mentioned that she could get some sort of mango flavor tree from one of her friends. I was, of course, intrigued. Blueberry and grapefruit were excellent; I'd imagine mango would be exceptional. So we talked about it for a minute, then she came out and gave me her phone number and said to call her about it.

She gave me her phone number without me even asking for it.


Welcome to my Majick Journal. I am the owner of the Majick Flute, and this is the chronicle of our travels.

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Current Music: Dave Matthews Band - Where Ae You Going? + The Space Between

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